Zikr-e-Ghalib - A review by Kay S

ZIKR-e-GHALIB - A Celestial treat A Kathputliyaan Theatre Group Production directed by Zafer Mohiuddin
“The actor creates with his own flesh and blood all those things which all the arts try in some way to describe!” - Lee Strasberg

It is indeed not every day that we mortals wake up to a beautiful day, experience magic, express without inhibitions, dance as if nobody is watching you, sing with the chords of our souls, or portray words with panache.Today, July 13, 2019, for me will go into the annals of history as a day which allowed me to witness one such treat, a celestial one at that, where music, dance, drama, and poetry joined hands to create an undeniable, unmatchable, spellbinding magical confluence of sorts leaving each one of us in the audience speechless, stuck in our seats hoping for it to never end.Yes, this was the feeling I experienced from watching ‘Zikr-e-Ghalib,’ an amazingly directed play by Zafer Mohiuddin Saab who created history by bringing the best of singers, dance…

Gurudutt - A Balance in Imbalance by Kay S

A Tribute to Dutt by Dutt Inspired by Professor Ramesh Dutt

This piece is a tribute to a stalwart, a legend, a human who was an imbalance in a so-called psedo-balanced society, the great actor-director and doyen of the Hindi film industry, Gurudutt written inspired by my dearest Dutt Saab’s bayaar today, as he narrates in his beautiful and mesmerizing style that is inimitable and a one of its kind voice.I am writing this in a very different format today as a dialogue of sorts laced with my thoughts in first person with Dutt Saab on his bayaar, hence this style of writing and on my blog for posterity’s sake to preserve these thoughts.
Waah Dutt Saab....Kya khoobsoorat aur dard bhara bayaar Dutt Saab ke naam...... Starting with Gurudutt Saab's death on 10th October at such a young age, the shocking effect on people around…..It's indeed a very great loss for the connoisseurs of films when such an amazing actor and more so a great human being passes away! Tapti Hui ret par dikhi Hu…

Touchstones & Mrs. Moorthy - A review by Kay S

A Play Written By Vijay Padhki & Madhu Rye Directed By Anshulika Kapoor
"The theatre was created to tell people the truth about life and the social situation." - Stella Adler
More often than not we come across people, instances, or events that force us to go into introspection about our lives, the people related to us, the world around us, and the people who we meet.We love to live abysmally thinking none of these people or events or experiences we have through them are relevant to us because ignorance is indeed blissful and knowledge requires you to act upon the information you have.In concurrence with the above quote by Stella Adler, I came across such a truth about life and the social situations plaguing us through two plays I watched today, “Touchstones” and “Mrs. Murthy” written by the theatre veteran Vijay Padhki, the founder of Bangalore Little Theatre & Madhu Rye, which was brilliantly directed by the multitalented, multifaceted di…


GIRISH KARNAD - A JONATHAN LIVINGSTON SEAGULL Inspired from an obituary & narration by Professor Ramesh Dutt
“People do not decide to become extraordinary.  They decide to accomplish extraordinary things!”- Sir Edmund Hillary

Life is full of mysteries and surprises and I believe that each one of us is born in a unique manner to unravel our own mysteries to carve a niche for ourselves in this world.  Some of us decide to do great things, think out of the box, be different, and create revolutions to achieve greatness and some of us live abysmally cribbing, complaining, and thinking negatively throughout our lives passing away one fine day.  Girish Karnad was the former, a visionary, a thinker, a rebel who decided to achieve greatness in a way that he found befitting.  He found his niche and he bulldozed his way through life doing everything he possibly could in a manner befitting his personality, which undoubtedly was greatness personified.  Yesterday, June 10, 2019, Girish Karnad, a …

Review of "The Blooming Orchard-Ek Sunehra Bageecha" by Kay S

The Blooming Orchard-Ek Sunehra Bageecha A Forum Three Production directed by Ranjon Ghoshal
Life has always been about living, achieving, usurping, hoarding and all the vices for most of us in the oh-so! materialistic world.Most of us fail to even acknowledge the fact that today is a fact and tomorrow is only an opinion, for each one of us can only go to sleep with the hope that we shall wake up tomorrow to a better world or a better day.Having said this, a bit of introspection on how we live, what we do, and the effect we have on people and the world around us, I believe, can make us better human beings in the long run.I read somewhere and have quoted it many a times that “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time,” a quote by Thomas Merton, which summarizes the kind of impact theatre and all forms of fine art can have in our lives. As I have mentioned in a previous blog of mine regarding my rendezvous of art & theatre, it began with my association with…

Guide - An insight by Kay S

GUIDE - An amazing potpourri of love, life, & relationships
A review based on a narrative by Professor Ramesh Dutt

Waah Dutt Saab!  How astute of you to start off a narrative by expressive a dilemma in answering questions at the time ever so subtly referring to the fact that the world hesitates to or resists truth and facts of the world.  Your honesty and candid acceptance that your favorite movie has been and will be “Guide” for that your perception and perspective is that this is one of the best movies.  I do totally agree this fact, Dutt Saab.  The most significant fact that this movie was first made in English by Ted Daniel for the American audience is indeed a revelation that was unknown to me and I am sure to many of us who saw the movie and the fact that Dev Anand having bought the rights of this movie from R.K. Narayan to make it in Hindi.  Making a very controversial movie with extra-marital affair as the theme in 1965 was indeed an act of courage I must agree, but of cours…

"Zinda Zaroor Hoon" - A book review by Kay S

Unraveling Life Through an Ode
Written inspired by “Zinda Zaroor Hoon” - a book by Shirish Naik
“Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquillity.” - William Wordsworth
The above saying is so apt and adept in its explanation of poetry that one can seldom write or explain it any better than it has already been. Each one of us at some point in life have yearned or needed inspiration to live or move on irrespective of the stage we are in.Writing is indeed a cathartic experience for most writers and poets for it is the language of the soul that pours out on paper through the quills or pens of talented writers and poets.The experience of reading the books of these people expose us “oh-so-normal” human beings to introspect on our life, its journey, experiences, existence of love or lack of, and death too.One such amazing experience that I had was when I had the pride, honor, and privilege of reading to review this wonderful …