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Touchstones & Mrs. Moorthy - A review by Kay S

TOUCHSTONES & MRS. MOORTHY A Play Written By Vijay Padhki & Madhu Rye Directed By Anshulika Kapoor "The theatre was created to tell people the truth about life and the social situation." - Stella Adler More often than not we come across people, instances, or events that force us to go into introspection about our lives, the people related to us, the world around us, and the people who we meet.   We love to live abysmally thinking none of these people or events or experiences we have through them are relevant to us because ignorance is indeed blissful and knowledge requires you to act upon the information you have.   In concurrence with the above quote by Stella Adler, I came across such a truth about life and the social situations plaguing us through two plays I watched today, “Touchstones” and “Mrs. Murthy” written by the theatre veteran Vijay Padhki, the founder of Bangalore Little Theatre & Madhu Rye, which was brilliantly directed by the multi


GIRISH KARNAD - A JONATHAN LIVINGSTON SEAGULL Inspired from an obituary & narration by Professor Ramesh Dutt “People do not decide to become extraordinary.  They decide to accomplish extraordinary things!” - Sir Edmund Hillary Life is full of mysteries and surprises and I believe that each one of us is born in a unique manner to unravel our own mysteries to carve a niche for ourselves in this world.  Some of us decide to do great things, think out of the box, be different, and create revolutions to achieve greatness and some of us live abysmally cribbing, complaining, and thinking negatively throughout our lives passing away one fine day.  Girish Karnad was the former, a visionary, a thinker, a rebel who decided to achieve greatness in a way that he found befitting.  He found his niche and he bulldozed his way through life doing everything he possibly could in a manner befitting his personality, which undoubtedly was greatness personified.  Yesterday, June 10,