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                   Vo itr-daan sa lahja mere buzurgon ka,                     Rachi-basi hui Urdu zabaan ki Khushboo!”                     – Bashir Badr Art is an expression of the heart, literature is an expression of the mind, and poetry is a combination of heart, mind, body & soul! A picture, drawing, photograph or illustration is a by-product of the expression of what the eyes see and the mind perceives; prose in any form is the expression of your heart and mind; however, poetry is not only the by-product and the confluence of your heart, mind, body, and soul, but it also has the innate ability to perceive that which can be experienced by the five senses, but most importantly, it has the ability to give expression to that which cannot be seen or expressed for the silence in between the words have the capacity to speak volumes for the seeker of truth. This is my understanding of poetry and that is how I see it, feel it, read it and write it and Urdu poetry does all this to me. U

Leaving Footprints: A CEO's Journey in the World of Entrepreneurship

  “You have got one lifetime to create & leave your footprints behind. You can either aspire, assess, act & impact to become an asset OR conspire, dissect, divide & destroy to become a liability to mankind. The choice is completely yours and what you think or ask for is what you will get. Be mindful of your thoughts & actions.” - Kay S   If you all do not already know me, I am the Founder and CEO of my exciting new venture in the world of entrepreneurship for the sixth time, K&S International FZCO. As I embark on this incredible journey, I'm reminded of a profound mantra that has guided me throughout my life: "You are born by chance & defined by your choices!"   Today, I want to share my personal thoughts and insights on how this mantra has shaped not only my entrepreneurial path but also my approach to life itself. Join me as we explore the power of aspiration, assessment, action, and impact in building a legacy that not only serves as a testament

"Navigating Life's Seas: Discovering Your Purpose Amidst the Chaos"

    Our fast-paced world makes it easy to lose sight of our #purpose and #direction. We often find ourselves navigating the tumultuous waters of life without a clear direction. However, as I have come to realize, "Everybody and everything has a purpose in this Universe." I want to explore the profound wisdom behind this statement, and share my own journey to #reconcile, #recognize, and #reconnect with my purpose in this article.   "Unlock the Hidden Treasure of Purpose in Your Life!"   "Are You a Rudderless Boat in Life's Vast Ocean? Find Your Direction Now!"   "Discover Your True Calling: The Power of Self-Reconciliation!"   "The Secret Signs of Purpose You've Been Missing in Your Life."   "Don't Drift Through Life! Learn How to Realign with Your Purpose!"   "Join the Journey to Purposeful Joy: Happy Discovery Awaits!"   "Captain of Your Destiny: Navigating Life's Seas with Purpose and Inten