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Au Revoir, 2021! Welcome 2022!!

Au Revoir, 2021! Welcome 2022!!   An Ode to a year that passed….. "The Universe beholds each time a heavenly soul descends on earth. Each come with a message for humanity to be Kind, Compassionate, Honest, Righteous, Respectful, Empathetic, and Conscientious.  Humanity & Mankind today needs to restart itself to leave a better world for tomorrow. As we start a New Year, a new chapter it's time to deep dive into our souls to Refresh, Rejuvenate, Rethink, & Restart for a better tomorrow." - Kay S As we wrap up another year, let’s reflect upon what we HAVE rather than the HAVE-NOTs.  Yes!!!! This has been a very difficult year for all of us across the world, but I believe we are richer by experience and tougher in mental strength.  Let us be grateful to be alive and strive to be a better version of ourselves in the coming year.  Let us start the year with positive vibes and thoughts that will reflect upon us and the world around us. The year has left many thoughts for

Of Chances & Choices by Kay S

"In chasing Money & Fame, we lose Time.... In making up for Time, we lose important Relationships, In losing Relationships, we lose strength, peace of Mind & Trust, In losing Strength, Trust, and Peace of Mind, we lose our Health In losing our Health, we lose everything we have & end up Lonely!" - Kay S  As I passed through life in installments, sometimes happily, sometimes melancholically, at times brave and at times frail and afraid, I learnt some very important lessons on the important pivots that define Life, the essence of it, and the lack of the same. During my sojourn, I was exposed to a lot of learning and readings by established poets, writers, philosophers and scholars.  One of things I happened to read that impacted me a few years ago was a couplet in Urdu that read, " Masroof rehne ki aadat kaheen tumhe tanha na kardein, Rishte ehmiyat ke mautaaj hote hain fursat ke nahin!"  which translates to, "Let not the habit of staying busy end up