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Unfinished indeed!!!!

Good day to all of you, lovely people of this planet!  Hope you are having an awesome day today.  Here I am finally, an author in the making half century into my life deciding to start conversing and interacting with the world the way I always wanted to.  So here are my ramblings for today introducing my oh! so small world... Briefly, I am a very proud, independent, empowered and empowering middle class woman with a middle class upbringing, an entrepreneur having been successful in establishing and transitioning multiple businesses, and a very proud single mother of two wonderful kids.  Wondering what's so special about all this, right?  Nothing probably or just about everything :-) When I was a young girl all of around 6 years old a strange sort of drama started off in my life involving lies, deceit, exploitation, cheating, marital discord, and the works....all seeming like a movie one might have seen.  This made me a thinker I guess and I started having an imagination, one whe