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Review of "The Blooming Orchard-Ek Sunehra Bageecha" by Kay S

The Blooming Orchard-Ek Sunehra Bageecha A Forum Three Production directed by Ranjon Ghoshal     Life has always been about living, achieving, usurping, hoarding and all the vices for most of us in the oh-so! materialistic world.   Most of us fail to even acknowledge the fact that today is a fact and tomorrow is only an opinion, for each one of us can only go to sleep with the hope that we shall wake up tomorrow to a better world or a better day.   Having said this, a bit of introspection on how we live, what we do, and the effect we have on people and the world around us, I believe, can make us better human beings in the long run.   I read somewhere and have quoted it many a times that “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time,” a quote by Thomas Merton, which summarizes the kind of impact theatre and all forms of fine art can have in our lives. As I have mentioned in a previous blog of mine regarding my rendezvous of art & theatre, it bega

Guide - An insight by Kay S

GUIDE - An amazing potpourri of love, life, & relationships A review based on a narrative by Professor Ramesh Dutt Waah Dutt Saab!  How astute of you to start off a narrative by expressing a dilemma in answering questions at the time ever so subtly referring to the fact that the world hesitates to or resists truth and facts of the world.  Your honesty and candid acceptance that your favorite movie has been and will be “Guide” for that is your perception and perspective is that this is one of the best movies.  I do totally agree  with this fact, Dutt Saab.  The most significant fact that this movie was first made in English by Ted Daniel for the American audience is indeed a revelation that was unknown to me and I am sure to many of us who saw the movie and the fact that Dev Anand bought the rights of this movie from R.K. Narayan to make it in Hindi.  Making a very controversial movie with extra-marital affair as the theme in 1965 was indeed an act of courage I must agree,

"Zinda Zaroor Hoon" - A book review by Kay S

Unraveling Life Through an Ode Written inspired by “Zinda Zaroor Hoon” - a book by Shirish Naik “Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquillity.” - William Wordsworth The above saying is so apt and adept in its explanation of poetry that one can seldom write or explain it any better than it has already been.   Each one of us at some point in life have yearned or needed inspiration to live or move on irrespective of the stage we are in.   Writing is indeed a cathartic experience for most writers and poets for it is the language of the soul that pours out on paper through the quills or pens of talented writers and poets.   The experience of reading the books of these people expose us “oh-so-normal” human beings to introspect on our life, its journey, experiences, existence of love or lack of, and death too.   One such amazing experience that I had was when I had the pride, honor, and privilege of reading

Fat Pig - A Review and Insight by Kay S

A Thoughtprovoking Masterpiece Written inspired by the play, “Fat Pig” directed by Puneet Gupta “The things that make us different need to also be perceived as the things that makes us beautiful.” - Marie Southard Ospina on Body shaming This above quote that I read once could not be more relevant and apt for the state of ruthless prejudice that we see around us today.   The world we exist in has become such a shallow and callous contraption of a Universe, far away from the one that the creator had in mind, so much that it beguiles us human beings to pretend, persevere, and precociously try to mold ourselves and fit into how the world likes to see or perceive us.   This is the premise of a wonderful and brilliant play that I had the opportunity to see on May 5, 2019 at the Alliance Francaise de Bangalore that inspired me to write a review on this amazing play, Fat Pig directed by Puneet Gupta with Shatarupa Bhattacharya and Avinash Mudappa playing the lead roles. Fa

Art of Appreciation, Life, and beyond

Unravelling the Mystery of Life - In a Nutshell Inspired by Professor Ramesh Dutt's narration “Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved.” - Adriana Trigiani This above quote is one that I read on a huge photograph in the study of our house behind Dad and Mom’s work table when I was hardly 6 or 7 years old.   It intrigued me beyond reason and I asked Mom to explain it.   She did in the best way possible to a young girl that she believed was thinking beyond her age, but she did not dismiss me, she explained it.   I remember her telling me that life is like a treasure hunt, you never know what you will find at the end of it because you find something new at every step and you move forward.   That is what a mystery is, something you know nothing about but you live each day unraveling it and sometimes you find something beautiful and sometimes you do not but you move on to the next day.   Life is not a math problem that will have a definite answer in the

Manto - A film review and discussion

Saadat Hassan Manto - A Rebel with a Cause Written based on a commentary by Professor Ramesh Dutt We live in a society of victimization, where people are much more comfortable being victimized than actually standing up for themselves. - Marilyn Manson The above saying could not be more true in the kind of world we live in today.  I am honored, humbled and privileged to write this piece based on and inspired by Professor Ramesh Dutt’s (lovingly called Dutt Saab) rendition after he saw the movie, “Manto.”   Dutt Saab is an ardent cinephile or filmophile and a true gypsy in love with travelling and an incomparable zest life which he considers as his intoxication.   Dutt Saab is a wholesome, captivating, interesting, awe-inspiring, and intriguing individual, an intellectual whose knowledge and capability to deliver a lecture extempore on topics related to film, music, performing & fine, arts, songs, poetry, literature, history, and many more areas is par excellence.   He


THE SPIRIT OF A SURVIVOR I read this slimbook-UNFINISHED- in one night and went to sleep in the early hour of the morning feeling small for cribbing about the small issues of my own life.   For here is a woman who has sought catharsis in writing about a life that has wronged her from childhood.   UNFINISHED by Kay is a   first person account of a life that was given to her loaded with emotional upheavals and physical trauma, searing enough to cripple the best of us. Kay’s no-holds-barred, brutally honest account of a life gone awry moves the reader to  soul, sympathy, then to tears and finally to an uplifting  admiration  for the writer. More done-unto than doer, Kay does not wallow in self pity but tells it like it was.  No maudlin emotion here...just the brisk narration of a survivor who has battled impossible odds and emerged a stronger better person. What the book lacks in literary skills and craft is made up for in the raw language it serves up straight from th