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Introspection & Rumination - A Theatre Review by Kay S

  A Theatre Review – Jiss Ne Lahore Nai Dekhiya by Kay S “Let the borders be outside, not inside.” Abhijit Naskar, Author The remnants of humanity and human relationships live on to raise its ugly hood, resonating, and at times transporting us through books, plays, or a movie into a zone of eternal bliss where there is camaraderie, brotherhood and unity that still exists. We as human beings are a flawed race to be frank, and the sooner we accept this fact, the better off we will be and endeavor to at least attain a semblance of being a better version of ourselves.  This thought seemed to echo in my mind, heart, and soul at the highest decibel it ever could as I watched the play, “Jiss Ne Lahore Nai Dekhiya” written by playwright Asghar Wajahat, directed by Zafer Mohiuddin of Kathputliyaan Theatre Group.  I have been so touched deep in my soul by the storyline, the underlying message.  The impeccable performances of the actors who were par excellence carrying each of their roles with