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Zikr-e-Ghalib - A review by Kay S

ZIKR- e -GHALIB - A Celestial treat A Kathputliyaan Theatre Group Production directed by Zafer Mohiuddin “The actor creates with his own flesh and blood all those things which all the arts try in some way to describe!” - Lee Strasberg It is indeed not every day that we mortals wake up to a beautiful day, experience magic, express without inhibitions, dance as if nobody is watching you, sing with the chords of our souls, or portray words with panache.   Today, July 13, 2019, for me will go into the annals of history as a day which allowed me to witness one such treat, a celestial one at that, where music, dance, drama, and poetry joined hands to create an undeniable, unmatchable, spellbinding magical confluence of sorts leaving each one of us in the audience speechless, stuck in our seats hoping for it to never end.   Yes, this was the feeling I experienced from watching ‘Zikr-e-Ghalib,’ an amazingly directed play by Zafer Mohiuddin Saab who created history by bringing

Gurudutt - A Balance in Imbalance by Kay S

A Tribute to Dutt by Dutt Inspired by Professor Ramesh Dutt This piece is a tribute to a stalwart, a legend, a human who was an imbalance in a so-called psedo-balanced society, the great actor-director and doyen of the Hindi film industry, Gurudutt written inspired by my dearest Dutt Saab’s bayaar today, as he narrates in his beautiful and mesmerizing style that is inimitable and a one of its kind voice.   I am writing this in a very different format today as a dialogue of sorts laced with my thoughts in first person with Dutt Saab on his bayaar, hence this style of writing and on my blog for posterity’s sake to preserve these thoughts. Waah Dutt Saab....Kya khoobsoorat aur dard bhara bayaar Dutt Saab ke naam...... Starting with Gurudutt Saab's death on 10th October at such a young age, the shocking effect on people around…..It's indeed a very great loss for the connoisseurs of films when such an amazing actor and more so a great human being passes away! Tapti