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I know it's been a long time since I wrote last.  I was busy with the book launch.  Had a great book launch on December 16, 2018 in Bangalore.  We had an amazing turnout of 175 people, which was also covered by media channels.  The chief guests present had great things to say about the book and so I thought all of you should share my happiness and the here goes.

Kay S has written a powerful and compelling novel that provides rich insights into the lives of Indian women: in particular, Anusha, her main character, and Anusha's mother and grandmother. Most of all, this book is a testament to the strength of Indian women, as Anusha draws on great personal courage, resilience, intelligence and determination to rise above many often devastating setbacks and challenges, to triumph and succeed in choosing her own destiny.- Kate Jeffrey, Community Planning Consultant, Melbourne, Australia.

"Unfinished by Kay S is the purest depiction of a realistic struggle of many women and children all over the world who are simply trying to be seen and heard. This book unveils the great potential within us all enabling us to excel and succeed against all odds in life! It is Karma defined to its core and proves only the strong and relentless survive and thrive in today's world. It redefines the word Hope and Humanitarian making it a must read for all!" - Craig Sylverston- CEO/ Entrepreneur/Philanthropist, Florida, USA

This book is like a wonderful piece of modern art where the author has brought out the depth of her experiences, emotions and feelings  in a manner to allow each of us to experience and feel them in our own individual and personal way. Like a kaleidoscope, every time you read a chapter it reflects on different aspects of our experiences and emotions leaving us with a desire to read it once more and feeling that our purpose in this world is unfinished...there is one more life we can touch and  another soul we can help just by keeping our eyes open and extending a hand to help and most importantly lending a voice to those who have been muted  by their experiences. This is a rare book that kindles innate feelings we never knew existed in us or we conveniently forgot them in the race of life.  Finishing the book is the starting step to address our unfinished destiny. - Aswani Kota - Founder & MD - XLPro Training Solutions, Bangalore, India

Kay's entry into the literary world demonstrates a bold and courageous attempt to show authentically how one can rise again and again. The story is one of survival, thriving, love and overcoming obstacles despite one's circumstances.  Thank you for sharing your story. - Akosua Dardaine Edwards, Enabling Enterprise, Gender and Entrepreneurship Specialist, Author of "What did I learn today" and "Nyabo (Madam)-Why are you here?"

Kay S has truly mastered the fight that a girl goes through in this world internally and externally all throughout her life. The characters of Anusha, her mother and grandmother are one with whom every girl can connect at least once in her lifetime as she upholds the various phases. The strength, resilience and belief that Anusha possesses here is exactly the same as what most independent girls today hold on to as they strive to uphold the aura of women empowerment. Bravo to the author for connecting to the reader so well! - Farhana Meghami Zulhash, Training and Research Executive at United Nations, Entrepreneur, and recipient of The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award, Dhaka, Bangladesh

I must admit, it was really gripping and intense and it's not in way like a mystery novel would be. This was very different. This book, the narrative was actually connected to some of the harsh realities that exist in the world in the very society we live in. I was able connect and relate myself on many occasions while reading through it. It's a very good description, narrated experience of Anusha, events in her life and how she stood steadfast and strong through a myriad of challenges.  It outlines the way there are unwritten rules of the society that women are subjected to and judged by. It showcases the unfortunate but true behavior of the Indian society even with all the modernized way of life and advancement in science and education of men and women alike.  Primarily, it shows the true strength of the woman and how she can be successful and come out stronger than all men. It shows the resilient side of women and how amazingly strong, affectionate and all encompassing they can be. - Rajiva Sukumar, Program Management Sr. Manager - Buyer Experience, Dell, Austin, Texas

Kay S has written a very inspiring story from which everyone can take something out.  The novel tells us why it is important for women to be independent; because independent women are more confident, fierce, and ready to face any challenges to overcome hardships of life.  It is a very intense story that tells us what a woman has to go through and what Anusha has faced; it can be anyone anywhere.  This novel explains real women empowerment. - Devwrish Purwar, Consultant, Genpact Capital Markets, Noida, UP, India


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